CDL, Affirmative Action and Diversity and Inclusion Committee to Honor Hispanic Heritage Month

By Katherine Scacchetti, area of study support and textbook liaison, Center for Distance Learning

August 26, 2013

The Center for Distance Learning, in conjunction with the Office of Affirmative Action, the Collegewide Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the Office of Collegewide Student Services will host "Honoring and Discovering Our Cultures: Hispanic Heritage Month."

During Hispanic Heritage Month, in September, the United States celebrates the history, culture, traditions and contributions of Hispanics and Latinos. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Hispanics constitute the largest ethnic or race minority population in the United States. According to the Pew Research Center, growth projections based on current trends indicate that the Hispanic population will triple by 2050. Hispanics have — and continue to — enhance and shape the character of the country and contribute to the well-being of the U.S. in many aspects, from politics to the arts to science.

To celebrate the Hispanic/Latino heritage and culture, Empire State College Center for Distance Learning invites the community to a cultural event designed to inspire all comers and bring awareness about the people, histories and cultural contributions of the Hispanic community.

The special tribute celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, both in person and virtually, is set for Wednesday, Sept. 4, at 113 West Ave., Saratoga Springs, and kicks off with an 11 a.m. tour of the visual arts that represent Hispanic/Latino culture and heritage.

Following at noon, participants can join a book discussion based on readings from "Drown," by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Diaz. Diaz's literary debut is a collection of stories about immigration, coming of age and the American dream. 

At 1 p.m. there will be a panel discussion of the student experience where participants can interact with and learn from life experiences of others.

For your calendar:

Date:  Sept. 4, 2013

Place: Center for Distance Learning, 111 West Ave. Saratoga Springs, NY

Time:  11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  

A light lunch will be served!

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