By Adam Catronio, student, Metro Center

August 26, 2013




Blood red bricks

Building this wall

Echoes of your laughter

Scars from my fall

Once upon a time

My reflection would shine

Deep in those hazel jewels

Those Gemini eyes

Warmth of your touch

Those lips, so kissable

This heart is a monster

Now I'm Invisible.


In the darkness

Is where I thrive

My heart doesn't beat,

I'm no longer alive.

Was afraid of the Sun

Refused its hand

Now in front of your eyes

This body can never stand.

One fateful night

Swallowed the unthinkable

Ghost in the night

Absolutely Invisible.


Inside the mirror

There is no reflection

Just an empty corpse

Without hope for redemption

No friends, no smiles

No hopes for the best

Life under a raincloud

With a sword in my chest.

A miserable wretch

With karmic debts unpayable

The Gods smile upon you

I'm forever invisible.


Your Heart is of gold

Capable of dreams & love

If you ever had doubts

Just look up above.

This thing in my chest

This… slab of stone

Serves no purpose

I'll always be alone.


Came tumbling down

Fell out of the sky

Wings were clipped

Did nothing but lie

To the face of a Saint

Constantly burning

In this afterlife.


Carried my flames

Towards northern lights

In search of a soul

That I could not find

Efforts are fruitless

I'm Karma's slave

Till the end of time.


Amidst my worries,

My restless nights

I hope your smile

Radiates pure sunlight.

I'll be lost in a city

Accepting my doom

Struggling to find a smile

On the dark side of the moon.


Your life will be great

Those eyes shining bright

Smile to the world

I know the strength

Of your inner light.


My promise to you

Is to keep this wall strong

My eternal punishment

For what I did that was wrong

Cemented with tears

Perfectly indestructible

And I'll always be right here

Always Invisible. 


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