Are you ready to “Moodle?”

By Pat Myers, director, Collegewide Student Services

August 26, 2013

SUNY Empire State College is very excited to be moving its courses to Moodle. The move will affect online students and those taking blended studies. David Caso, director of student services, states that moving to Moodle will be a change in how students navigate courses, submit assignments and engage in discussion forums, as well as in overall interaction in online and blended courses. A learning center has been created to help smooth the transition, which can be accessed at

Tom Mackey, dean of the Center for Distance Learning, reports, “We are moving to the Moodle environment because it is much more flexible, open and user-friendly than our previous learning management system (LMS). This past year, our curriculum and instructional design team and faculty have been working on this transition and we have more than 400 courses converted to this new environment. The courses look great in Moodle and will allow us to improve the quality of our online offerings, while providing new and exciting features. As part of this change we will have access to the Mahara ePortfolio system that will provide students with a unique space to share their work, collaborate with peers and participate in online communities.”

The Moodle transition team has created resources for students to learn to use Moodle:

  • Returning students should go to the Moodlerooms Learning Center and enroll in the self-paced online tutorial “A Student Introduction to Moodlerooms: Getting Started,” which provides an introduction to the basic features needed to use the new LMS. The tutorial takes about 45 minutes to complete and is hosted in the Moodlerooms system. Go to and enter your college login and password.
  • New students whose centers require the completion of an online orientation should go to the Moodlerooms site at to enter their college login and password when prompted. Look for the blue menu bar and position the cursor on “My Courses” to find your assigned orientation tutorial. The Student Introduction to Moodlerooms is included as one section of this online orientation.

    Note: New students who are not required to complete an online orientation should follow the instructions for returning students.

The Moodlerooms Learning Center also includes the computer requirements for the Moodlerooms system and a comparison chart of ANGEL and Moodlerooms features.

Students also will have access to a new discussion area called Moodlerooms Knowledge Sharing for Students that will host student-to-student conversations and questions and answers about the new LMS. This site also can be reached from the above tutorial and the Moodlerooms Learning Center.

*Note: Students will be required to do the tutorial before they can start their September term coursework. A pre-recorded webinar on Moodle is available at

So start MOODLING to get ready for the September term!

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Are you ready to “Moodle?”, By Pat Myers, director, Collegewide Student Services

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