The Quilt

By Yasmin Arif, student, Center for Distance Learning

October 17, 2013

"The Quilt"

In the walk of life,

I collect patches...,

The patches of the golden moments, when I see my prayers answered,

The patches of friendship, for the true friends I make,

The patches of laughter of when a joke tickles,

The patches of helplessness that comes with the thunders of life’s storms,

The patches of anxiety that stimulate my enthusiasm,

The patches of kindness, when I know I can bond, 

The patches of love that keeps my dreams alive, 

The patches of sincerity that showed caring,

The patches of emotions that comes with ties.

The patches of tears as dear ones leave,

And the patches of parting that changes my days forever.

With all these patches I collect in my life,

I sew a quilt of memories………

…….to treasure your thoughts forever.

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