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Capital Reflections by Anita DeCianni-Brown, a night shot of the New York State Capital Building reflected in a pool

Capital Reflections

By Anita DeCianni Brown ’12, student, School for Graduate Studies

“Capital Reflections” ... MORE


By Wendy Martinez, student, Long Island Center-Hauppauge Unit

Maybe I go to the gym so much to get stronger on the outside when in fact I feel so weak on the inside. Maybe I lift so heavily so my muscles can all grow and protect what's on the inside hurting because it's broken. Maybe I work so much to try and stay busy so I won't have so much time for my mind to wander on the things that still bring me so much pain. Maybe I come off so strong outwardly because I feel so weak inwardly. Maybe I'm scared to let people get too close in fear that they won't like what they see. ... MORE

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Congressman Maffei Visits, By Tracy Zappola, assistant to the dean, Central New York Center

First Empire State College Social Responsibility Forum Reaches More Than 120 Students, By Kameylah Hakim, assessment specialist, Niagara Frontier Center

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