Where Do I Find My Textbooks and Readings for My Courses?

By Heather Shalhoub, information resources coordinator, Academic Technologies

March 28, 2014

With course readings, textbooks and articles, there are many options for students to find the assigned material. The first place to check for textbooks is the college bookstore at www.esc.edu/bookstore. They have information on how to find your books, how to order online and their contact information listed there. If you have any questions or need help ordering your books, contact the bookstore directly.

You are welcome to check the library e-book catalog to see if we have any of your textbooks in our online library but it is rare that we have textbooks available. You can search the e-book catalog by clicking on “Books” on the library homepage at www.esc.edu/library. If you do a search and your book is not listed, the online library does not have that book.

You also may have readings located within your course. Often the instructor will list how to access the reading or might include a link to the reading.

Sometimes instructors provide a list of journals and ask you to find an article in one or more of the journals on that list. How do you do that in the online library? Here are directions that should help you:

  1. Start at the library home page at www.esc.edu/library
  2. Click on “Journal Finder”
  3. When you are in the Journal Finder, you can search for one of the journals your instructor wants you to use. Type the name of that journal and click “Search.”
  4. If we have that journal in our collection, you will see a results list where that journal name is in bold. Sometimes, if a journal has common terms in the title, you might get a lot of results. You will need to search through the list to find the journal you need.
  5. When you find the journal you need listed, you will see date ranges and the names of library databases to the right of the dates. When you see the best date range for what you need, click on the name of one of the databases next to that date range.
  6. This will bring you to the database that has that journal. You should see options to browse by date. This is a way to look at particular issues that came out in a certain year and then see all the articles from that issue.
  7. To search for an article in that journal, you can choose to “search in this publication” or you might see a search box that says you can search in this title. Some databases are a different because they come from different companies but they should all have the same ability to search within that journal when you go in through the journal finder to a database.

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Meet Dr. Emad Rahim, By E. Patrice Perkins, student, Northeast Center-Latham Unit

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