Sadness Eased Along

By Miranda R. Camp, student, Center for Distance Learning

June 16, 2014

“Sadness Eased Along”

I can feel you in my heart

Your words come out of my mouth daily

A support I could feel nowhere else

Still holds me sometimes close at night

The love I have for you is still pure

Never a replacement to fill the gap

A caring mom full of comfort and love

Guiding me through the obstacles of my mistakes

I have finally moved away from my despair

But a sadness will always fill my marrow

As I find a strength I have come to recognize

It could only have been yours to give

When my walls are lying down flat

And the mother in me quiet at rest

Your loss overwhelms a moment in time

And the little girl in me peaks out crying

And oh there are days I am still angry

How dare you leave me all alone!

When everything was already broken

We were supposed to fix everything together

But as I grow older and more confident

And pass the age you once were

When I entered as a babe into your life

I have learned to try to accept my losses

And so I ease the sadness along day by day

Holding onto the love I have in my life now

And with a firm grip and an honest heart

I carry on as my mother’s daughter always



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