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How to Survive Summer Classes While Still Enjoying Summer

By Jennifer Quaglio, student, Center for Distance Learning

August 14, 2014

glasses and a high-ligther resting on a textbookWhile summer is upon us and the weather is amazing, some of us still have classes to take. In his Huffington Post article, Mike Morton of Rutger’s University says, “A funny thing happens when you become a college student. Summer is no longer a vacation.” Summer classes can actually be the best time to take classes. Not only are they accelerated, but the weather is great so you can enjoy the sun while reading that book outside. Things can get hectic while interning, working, or taking summer classes and dealing with everything else life throws at you, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your summer vacation at the same time. Below are six things you can do to make your summer classes breeze by:

Don’t Stress

It’s as simple as it sounds. No matter how much work you have, stressing won’t get it done any quicker. Stay positive. A happy mind controls a happy person. As blogger Jennifer Watters points out, “If you find yourself envying your friends or being overwhelmingly negative, think about how you’re improving your academic standing by doing summer school. Remember: you’re doing this for yourself.”

Create a Makeshift Workspace

This can be done at the beach, in a car or even in your backyard. Bring your work with you to the beach. Spread out a blanket set up your books and/or computer and get to work while still working on your tan. Don’t live near a beach? Take a ride down to the boat docks or a nearby park. Your car will make a perfect temporary office. You can use your backyard too. Set up a table and chairs, this way you can keep your eyes on the kids or pets and soak up the sun and warmth without feeling like you are missing out on summer.

Plan Ahead

Your summer schedule may be filled with plans, or it may be completely free, either way you should still plan your school schedule ahead of time. Set up a calendar on your phone, computer or in your planner and make sure all assignments and due dates are written out. Be sure to stay on task, the worst thing you can do is fall behind and then have to cancel plans with family and friends to catch up on work.

Take Lots of Coffee/Tea Breaks

Many places such as Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks offer outdoor seating and Wi-Fi. This is great for the summer months when you have lots of work and you need a break from the normal space you work in. Many restaurants offer this too; find a place that works for you and summer classes will be a breeze.

Create a Summer Playlist

Music helps soothe the soul. Create a playlist that will motivate you while you’re doing research for a project or even writing a paper. Sometimes a little background noise helps, so make it upbeat and motivating. You can even take a dance break to clear your head.

Get Some Exercise

Caitlin Hasler of Utah Valley University suggests that you “Walk/ride your bike to school. Not only will you be on your way to that summer beach body, you’ll avoid the projected $5/gallon gas prices.” It is often easier to stay on track when you feel healthy and energized, so be sure to pair that exercise with good food choices and plenty of rest.

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