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Science Fiction Space Ship and Planet

Movie Review: Ender’s Game

By Agnes Gault ‘13, student, School for Graduate Studies

Directed by Gavin Hood (2013). Based on a novel by Orson Scott Card. Produced by Ed. Ulbrich and music by Steve Joblonsky. Available at your local library, anywhere movies are sold, or in your local Red Box. ... MORE

Bernell Frank Jr. and Family

Single Father, Full-time Student and Business Owner: Keeping it Together

By Bernell B. Frank Jr. (Bfrankjr), student, Metropolitan Center-Manhattan Unit

As students of SUNY Empire State College we are afforded a great opportunity to earn our degree using various educational methods. However, if with that myriad of options how do we balance making a living, being there for our yet still maintain a full 14-credit course load. ... MORE

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The Student Parent and Childcare: Managing Children and College Activities, By Layla Abdullah-Poulos ’10, student, School for Graduate Studies

Free Session on SUNY Campuses to Help Prospective Students Narrow Search, By Susan Eve Tepper LeClair, recruitment specialist, Empire State Plaza Office

Safety and Security Releases Annual Statistics on Reported Crime, By Thomas Vumbaco, director, Campus Safety and Security

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