Health and Wellness Residency Offered in January Term

By Andy Binder, community outreach and events coordinator, Academic Affairs

January 16, 2015

Meditation graphicDid you know that the Health and Wellness Initiative is sponsoring a residency with six studies to choose from for the 2015 Spring 1 term? Registration is now open for the Health and Wellness Residency which focuses on the theme of Resiliency: the key to achieving life goals. These courses have been created to fit into many areas of study, and also to help you in your personal and professional life. The topics include Grief and Loss, Nutrition, Growing Sustainable Lives, Healthy Communities = Healthy Lives, Nutrition in Health and Wellness, Resiliency and Work-life Interactions: Navigating Multiple Responsibilities. The following are course descriptions obtained from the Health and Wellness Residency webpage for you to review and speak with your mentor about how these opportunities fit into your degree plan.

Grief and Loss:
Throughout this study students will explore the phenomenon of grief including a theoretical understanding of the stages and process of dealing with major life losses, the roles of ritual, faith and remembrance within the context of culture. The course also will deal with determining when grief becomes dysfunctional, and how the human services worker can appropriately determine if referral is needed for the client.

Nutrition in Health and Wellness:

This introductory course is designed to teach the scientific principles of human nutrition to promote personal health and wellness. The course provides an overview of the biological significance of foods and nutrition. Specific nutrient functions are discussed, as well as how the supply and demand of food impacts our physical health. The course promotes scientific literacy and an appreciation of the ways in which we gain scientific knowledge and understanding.


Students will learn about resilience and how it protects individuals and families from various life challenges. Students will learn about what it means to work from a strengths based perspective with individuals and families, including children in the community. Readings by Jonathan Kozol and other firsthand accounts, as well as a novel will be used. Students will learn through use of case studies. Students will learn about resilience and protective factors in the contexts of abuse, homelessness, trauma and various family circumstances.

Growing Sustainable Lives:

This study will examine how everyday approaches to gardening, farming and/or homesteading can be paired with a daily practice of writing and physical exercise to create a more resilient, sustainable life. Students will explore the conceptual meanings of the term sustainability and craft an understanding of how the term applies to their personal, educational and professional lives. With that conceptual framework in hand, students will then engage in a series of writing, plant-growing, community-based research, meditative artwork and other activities to develop an understanding of what it means to live in a personally sustainable way.

Healthy Communities = Healthy Lives:

This course will focus on the importance of asset-based, relationship driven community building in guaranteeing healthy daily living and resiliency in the face of shared disasters, such as floods, storms, fires, etc.

Work-life Interactions: Navigating Multiple Responsibilities:

This course explores a range of topics involved in work-life-school and work-life interactions (e.g., conflict, enrichment, synergy, balance). Students will become familiar with theories used to explore these interactions (e.g., conservation of resources theory, boundary theory) and actively engage in readings and activities designed to foster creative thinking, evaluation and planning about how to personally navigate these interactions. Students will write a research paper that will allow additional opportunities for application and critical analysis of theories to a work-life-school topic of the student’s choice.

More information can be found at   The website also contains information about how to sign up for the course and prerequisites for enrollment. The meet-up location for these residencies will be April 16, 2015 at the Hilton Albany in Albany, NY and correspond with the 3rd Annual Student Wellness Retreat April 16-18, 2015 at the Hilton Albany as well. We invite everyone who registers for the Health and Wellness Residency to also sign up for the Student Wellness Retreat. The retreat will include educational and interactive sessions on yoga, Pilates, dance, time management, nutrition, stress management, physical health and more. There will also be free professional massages, healthy meals, a keynote address by Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson, nightly entertainment and comprehensive health fair, giveaways and more! While registration is open now for the health and wellness residency, more details on the Student Wellness Retreat will be forthcoming, registration is set to open in January. You must register for the residency and the retreat separately if you plan to attend both. All students registered for the residency will have first chance to receive a travel grant for the retreat. Remember to discuss these opportunities with your mentor and we look forward to seeing you enrolled in the Health and Wellness Residency and the Student Wellness Retreat in April!

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