Issue 74, March 19, 2015

Silhouettes, a teacher and young man face each other in a discussion, with a background drawing of brains inside the head structure.

A New Resource from the Empire State College Library, DSM Library

By Heather Shalhoub, information resources coordinator, Academic Affairs

The Empire State College library would like to announce the addition of a new resource. We have recently added the DSM Library to our online collections. ... MORE

Women sitting around a table enjoying a meal at a conference

Student Activity Fee Referendum

By Maureen Winney, director of alumni and student relations, Alumni and Student Relations

Every two years we are required by the State University of New York to conduct a Student Activity Fee (SAF) referendum. Students vote to keep the fee mandatory or make it voluntary. The current fee is $25/term, the lowest and best value in SUNY. Other SUNY students pay as much as $150 per term. ... MORE

Other News

The Black Male Initiative Appoints New Vice President, Bernell B. Frank Jr. (Bfrankjr), student, SUNY Empire State College; Layla Abdullah-Poulos ’10, graduate student, SUNY Empire State College

Save the Date! SUNY Empire State College Career Development Day, By Anita DeCianni Brown ‘12, collegewide career development coordinator, Academic Affairs

Did You Know

The Genesee Valley location and Center for Distance Learning are seeking art submissions for the 5th Annual SUNY Empire State College Arts Exhibition. Contact Timothy Cosgriff or Casey Kohler for more information.

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