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Alumni Spotlight: Jasmine Tang '96

By David Irwin, director of media relations; senior communications manager, SUNY Geneseo

Three SUNY Geneseo faculty members have received a 2014-15 SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching, including Jasmine Tang '96, who teaches both elementary and intermediate Chinese in the Department of Languages and Literatures. ... MORE

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Feeding the Beast: Increasing Gore to Satisfy Horror Audiences Hunger for More

Layla Abdullah-Poulos ‘10, graduate student, SUNY Empire State College

Society’s desensitization to graphic images produces a need for more intense stimuli. This is due to the role emotions play when it comes to the way an image is seen, especially with constant exposure. ... MORE

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The Black Male Initiative Appoints New Vice President, Bernell B. Frank Jr. (Bfrankjr), student, SUNY Empire State College; Layla Abdullah-Poulos ’10, graduate student, SUNY Empire State College

Save the Date! SUNY Empire State College Career Development Day, By Anita DeCianni Brown ‘12, collegewide career development coordinator, Academic Affairs

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The Genesee Valley location and Center for Distance Learning are seeking art submissions for the 5th Annual SUNY Empire State College Arts Exhibition. Contact Timothy Cosgriff or Casey Kohler for more information.

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