Choice of Words: A Voices Poetry Group Event

By Omar Richards, co-chair, ESC Education for All, SUNY Empire State College

April 16, 2015

voices, poetry group, "choice of words", purple and white logo depicting members of Voices, words such as Happy, Peace, Grateful, bless, time, outrageous fill the background.Voices Poetry Group is a SUNY Empire State College student club that focuses on providing students with an opportunity to share and showcase diverse forms of artistic expressions. Since its inception, members of Voices have hosted a number of creatively-centered events, including: the Poetry Showcase and Thanksgiving on the Hudson. Voices will host Choice of Words, an innovative event that honors various modes of expression, Thursday, April 30.

This event has been challenging yet stimulating for Voices’ creative and physical evolution. The members have not limited themselves to one form of creative expression; instead, they have grown and expanded the breadth and width of their creative process. The group is now composed of singers, dancers, poets, lyricists and activists.

The theme for this year’s showcase Choice of Words is fitting and complementary to the Group’s artistic diversity. SUNY Empire State College students, alumni, faculty, staff and their guests are invited to join the Voices Poetry Group family as they use Choice Words to define/translate/decipher life in real-time. Come witness Voices Poetry Group’s metamorphosis.

Visit the SUNY Empire State College Alumni Events Page for more information about this exciting event.

To find out more about Voices, becoming a member and to read some of the members’ works, visit the Voices Poetry Group website.

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The college is sponsoring a Career Development Day on Saturday, May 16 in Saratoga Springs.

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