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Student Wellness Retreat 2015: The Benefits of a College Retreat

By Maria Koehle, student, SUNY Empire State College

May 14, 2015

Students enjoy a session a the Student Wellness Retreat 2015 where a speaker determines their personality type for better working and studying relationships.Who wouldn't love a quick, refreshing three-day retreat? This year's Student Wellness Retreat provided so much more than just a few days of liberating freedom. If you have not attended one of the Student Wellness Retreats or Student Academic Conferences, you need to! Jam packed with plenty of different activities, you are bound to find something you will enjoy. Here is a breakdown of what was offered this year:

Day One was buzzing with excited energy from students and faculty from all over different SUNY Empire campuses. At check-in a reusable bag packed with goodies was gifted to attendees. Activities started at 1 in the afternoon and ended in the late evening with a mindreading comedy show. Day Two was as equally exciting with a full day of seminars (everything from benefits of organic foods, essential oils, balancing work, school and family and so much more), smoothies, Olympic medalist Shawn Johnson sharing some empowering advice and a Q&A session with SUNY Empire State College President Merodie Hancock. So much excitement, but don't think you will go hungry; there were great meal buffets, snacks and smoothies. And honestly, who could pass up the free chair massages? Day Three was breakfast, the health fair and saying bye to new friends.

Even though there were so many fun and informative seminars and activities, one of the most beneficial aspects of the Wellness Retreat was networking with fellow students and faculty. If you are a distance learning student like me, this was a big deal! I finally got a sense of what SUNY Empire State College really is. It is not just a college, but a community. Meeting students from different campus locations provided perspective into what SUNY Empire State College does. It is more than just an educational institution, it is an opportunity created to fit around almost every lifestyle while also giving us the tools to succeed. I was able to meet and speak with faculty members who answered all of the questions I could come up with and offered me guidance. The faculty was encouraging, and everyone I met was in good spirits and shared lots of great insight into education and career options.

Overall, if you can take a few days off work, I highly recommend participating in the college's Student Wellness Retreat. You will take away far more than just a quick getaway and maybe even make some new friends!

Want to take part, but don't know how? Here are some great resources to get you started:

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