Mentor Jim Wunsch Edits City Kids, Special Edition of Journal

By Jim Wunsch, mentor, SUNY Empire State College

June 11, 2015

Jim Wunsch, professor and mentor of Historical Studies at Empire State College, has edited City Kids, a special edition of Streetnotes, an interdisciplinary e-journal of city studies, available at

Wunsch said, "I was delighted that David Michalski, the regular Streetnotes editor, invited me to work on City Kids, because I have been long interested in stories of coming of age in the city. Also, an e-publication like Streetnotes encourages the kind of experimental playfulness across disciplines that is difficult to find in conventional print journals. Here we run original art and photos illustrating the work of poets, historians and ethnographers. It is generally far too expensive to run so many pictures in print. My own essay, 'The Street Life of Children in 20th Century New York,' is enhanced with the inclusion of 27 photographs, including some classics that reproduce beautifully on the screen."

Today, the majority of journals in the social sciences and humanities can be retrieved online, but most do not yet take advantage of the illustrative possibilities of e-publication, he explained.

"Whether online or on paper, most journals are expensive," continued. "Streetnotes is a jurored, open-access publication available free of charge around the world."

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Mentor Jim Wunsch Edits City Kids, Special Edition of Journal, By Jim Wunsch, mentor, SUNY Empire State College

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