Lots of Screen Time? Protect Your Eyes

By Kim Dramer, Huffington Post

June 25, 2015

Ancient humans depended upon their eyes for survival. Survival of the fittest resulted in eyes that were structured for spotting game or danger from a distance. We inherited these hunter-soldier eyes from our human ancestors. Pity the poor human of the 21st century. Both our work and recreation now depend upon seeing computer and hand-held device screens viewed from within arm's length. The same screens, on the job and at home, are now the source of stress on our visual systems' capabilities.  Optometrists call this "digital eye strain" or "computer vision syndrome."

The technical evolution of the Digital Age and the capabilities of the human eye simply aren't in sync.  Optometrists report a dramatic upswing in people experiencing visual stress such as eye strain, headaches and blurred vision.  This digital visual stress can also be the root cause of neck or shoulder tension, back pain and excessive fatigue.  These symptoms result in lowered visual efficiency as the day progresses.  The result is lower productivity at work and a lower quality of life for both adults and children in today's Digital Age.

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