Vice Provost Tom Mackey Publishes in The Conversation

By Helen Edelman, manager, Exchange

August 27, 2015

Vice Provost Tom Mackey has published a piece co-authored with SUNY Distinguished Librarian Trudi Jacobson for The Conversation, a new venue that features academic and research writers presenting information in approachable style.


In today’s mobile media environment, an incredible amount of information is available to every one of us, every minute of every day.

With our cell phones close by, we can easily search for answers to trivia questions, word definitions or find the perfect recipe for the confetti eggplant bought at the farmers’ market. When traveling, we have instant access to the conversion rate between the euro and the dollar and can map directions to any location. And then there is all the personalized information posted by our Facebook friends.

So, how do we keep up with and understand the wide array of information? How do we integrate this into our lives as we participate in a connected world?  And how do we make meaningful additions to these spaces as originators of information in the online venues that matter to us?

As researchers of library and information science, we use the term metaliteracy as a way to look at literacy in the social media age. Previously, the usage of the term metaliteracy was mostly in connection with literacy studies.

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Mackey maintains a Twitter presence at @TomMackey.

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