STEM or Liberal Arts? Or STEM AND Liberal Arts

By John Foley, Oracle, for Forbes

August 27, 2015

As this year’s incoming college freshmen get ready to hit the books, they face a really big question with long-term implications: What to study?

Should they go the route of languages, arts, and social sciences—those right-brain disciplines that enrich our lives and play to our interests but may not pay the bills?

Or should they buckle down on science, tech, engineering, and math—the so-called STEM majors that are on the front edge of today’s consumer trends and global business needs?

Students, don’t be fooled by those two choices. The correct answer is you need both.

Conventional wisdom has been that millennials are better off investing their time—and upwards of $250,000 for four years of college tuition—in STEM studies. Those include majors such as biomedical and electrical engineering, software programming, human-computer interaction, and robotics.

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STEM or Liberal Arts? Or STEM AND Liberal Arts, By John Foley, Oracle, for Forbes

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