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A Card, a Book, and a Plan - 3 Student Academic Conference Essentials

By Layla Abdullah-Poulos ’10, graduate student, SUNY Empire State College

October 8, 2015

two index cards lay criss-cross on a table with a penThe 11th annual Student Academic Conference is fast approaching, and that means it is time for SUNY Empire State College students to join their peers, faculty and staff in two fun-filled days of networking and sharing of knowledge. In addition to the variety of presentations, the conference offers the opportunity to learn about student clubs and how to join a statewide community service project. Be sure to make the most of these exciting opportunities. Here are three conference essentials attendees can use to maximize on the many prospects this year’s conference offers:

Business Cards

The conference is a chance to meet instructors and students from all college locations. This involves numerous small discussions, where you may be asked for your contact information. Constantly writing your information down on random sheets of paper can waste valuable time, and can easily be misplaced. There are many places online that offer free business card printing, or check out your local office supply store.

Make sure your cards contain all the best ways you can be contacted (telephone number, email address, etc.) and have a place to keep all the business cards given to you while attending conference presentations and events.

Notebook and Writing Instruments

While there will be plenty of notepads and pencils available throughout the conference, notes taken on them can be easily lost among handouts and pamphlets. A significant amount of time at the conference will involve sharing research. Keeping track of what you’ve learned, and from whom, is crucial to averting confusion when looking through your notes later. A student in the same area of study may have valuable sources that can augment your own research. A mentor may give you a book title, or suggest you email her about potential courses to study. Lost information is lost opportunity, so write it down in one place.

A Conference Plan

The Student Academic Conference is full of fascinating presentations and events. Planning ahead is vital to staying on track, instead of wandering around aimlessly and missing out on what most interests you. The schedule will be available before the conference. Coordinator of student life, Danielle Boardman, says, “once the schedule is ready, we will email it out to everyone so they can look at the presentations ahead of time,” so be strategic when deciding which sessions you want to attend. Read the schedule in advance, and highlight those presentations that interest you most.

A little strategy will ensure an optimal conference experience.

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