Helping Students Make Smarter Choices About Paying for College

By SUNY Blog

November 19, 2015

Brown leather wallet in a viceStudent loans are a huge source of worry for many students across the United States. There are many reports of the rise in the student debt crisis in America which indicate the many challenges facing graduates looking to get ahead and into the middle class. But thankfully students at SUNY might have a bit of an advantage, because we’ve always known we were the smartest financial choice. With great schools at low costs, we’re the best value higher education option around. And SUNY students have themselves a financial edge in more than just low tuition.

The U.S. Department of Education recently reported reduced loan default rates among SUNY students. This means our students pay back their loans faster and more efficiently than other college students. This success can be largely attributed to the SUNY Smart Track program, which helps student borrowers take out the worry and make informed financial decisions. By teaching students how to understand college costs and preparing them for their financial futures, Smart Track helps to support degree completion and positions students to successfully repay their loans.

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