A Letter from the Editor

By Sandra Barkevich ‘13, graduate student, SUNY Empire State College; editor, The Student Connection

December 7, 2015

As with all things, comes change. I, like many excited SUNY Empire State College students, will be walking across the stage during commencement this summer, which means my time as editor of The Student Connection is winding down. The past four years have seen this newsletter grow so much that we were able to bring on a staff of paid student writers as well as an assistant editor. This is a journey that has played a significant role in my life, and though I’m going to miss being at the helm of such an amazing publication, the time has come for me to hand over the reins.

‌It is with great pleasure that I announce the new editor and assistant editor of The Student Connection.

Suzanne Lazar, editor

Suzanne Lazar, student editor, Student Connection‌‌‌‌Suzanne Lazar began her studies with Empire State College in Sept. 2014, and anticipates completing a Bachelor of Science in Business, Management and Economics in 2017. After being laid off from her job of 15 years, Lazar turned the negative impact of a job loss into a positive experience by returning to college as a full-time student. Lazar is a peer coach and also works part-time for the Department of Academic Support through the Federal Work Study program. Lazar founded the student/faculty/alumni group, Lean In ESC, and is seeking recognition as an official Empire State College club. When she is not coaching students, or working on her own coursework, Lazar can be found at the gym, painting, cooking and enjoying the four seasons of upstate New York.

Eric Norcross, assistant editor

Eric Norcross, Assitant editor, student connection‌Eric Norcross is a writer and award winning filmmaker. He began his studies with Empire State College in Jan. 2015, and anticipates completing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing in 2017. Originally from Maine, Norcross has dedicated much of his life to writing. He has contributed op-eds to many news outlets and film industry publications. Norcross also has written and published several books, including a roman à clef, “The Violin Diary,” a sci-fi adventure, “Cranberry Island” and the hard hitting, fast paced novel, “Objects & Giants.”

The Student Connection also is looking for on-staff student writers. Students interested in contributing on a regular basis, should send an inquiry to Student.Editor@esc.edu.

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