Meet Gerald Beaudin '78

By Helen Edelman, manager, Exchange

April 25, 2013

BeaudinGerald Beaudin '78, at left, graduated with a B.P.S. in science, math and technology from the Genesee Valley Center. He retired after 18 years as a General Motors materials-handling engineer, and is a patent-holder. He started Beaudin Creations in 2001 to compile family stories as a form of present and historical content and has been recognized in “Cambridge Who's Who” as Professional of the Year in Historical Publications, an honor reserved for only the highest-achieving members in their professions, for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in historical publications.

Beaudin Creations began with a book called “Family Stories, Etc.,” which documents in print the lives of family members through memory, and is meant to be read aloud, capturing that which many families often lose through flawed oral tradition. Beginning with his own family, he then provided this valuable service to others, especially U.S. veterans. This idea gave birth to his second book, “Combat Infantrymen's Association, Charlie Company, Member Stories” in 2006. This book performed the same function of uniting people through a shared past, encouraging infantrymen to contribute to the book and read their stories aloud at meetings. Most recently, Beaudin crafted his third book template, “The Friends Stories, Etc.” Similar to the first two books, differs only in its focus on one specific individual, rather than a group, and include stories written by family and friends. Beaudin has expanded his product line to include books of stories from combat individuals involved in the Battle of the Bulge and members of the Korean War Veterans Association, Combat Infantrymen's Association (Blue Badge), Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and The American Legion.

Beaudin Creations offers 100 percent customizable products meant to bring family, friends or members of any organization together through live and documented memories. Beaudin Creations will print and index such stories for easy access.

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