Article Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting an article. In order to ensure that our online student newsletter is valuable and timely, the following guidelines have been compiled for those making a contribution. If you have any questions or comments regarding these guidelines, direct them to the student editor at

Before writing/submitting an article:

  • Article topic must be approved.
  • Profile article interview must be approved.

Things to follow when writing/submitting an article:

  • Completed article must be original, well-written and adhere to the approved article topic/interview.
  • Submit article in Microsoft Word document format (.doc or .docx) only.
  • Limit article to about 500 words.
  • Limit Profile article to about 750 words.
  • Use single spacing after punctuation.
  • Regardless of submission style, all articles will post in the same format (Arial, size 10).
  • If images are included, submit in jpg or gif format only.

Article title and author information:

  • Include an appropriate and informative title for article.
  • Profile article title: “Meet (person interviewed)”
  • Capitalize only the first letter of each word in the title.
  • Include the author’s name, student, SUNY Empire State College center and unit (if applicable).

The subject matter of submitted articles must be appropriate in language and content for a collegewide publication.


  • Write at a level appropriate for a college-level audience.
  • Do not use profanity.
  • Avoid biased or derogatory language.
  • Avoid slang.


  • All article content must be written from a neutral point of view. This allows all views to be represented fairly and without bias.
  • Authors should aim to provide complete information, and not to promote one particular point of view over another.

Submitting an article gives The Student Connection the rights to publish and edit, if needed. The newsletter editor will review all articles and make minor changes for readability, organization and Associated Press style prior to publication. If significant edits are needed, the editor will send the revised article back to author for approval. The staff editorial board will then review and must approve the article before publication.The date an article is published will be determined by the editor.

The completed bi-weekly newsletter is always available on The Student Connection page.