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bus ride / the mother

By Ilyse Kazar, student, Metropolitan Center – Manhattan Unit

April 4, 2011

wheels rolling forward
her mind rolls back
to a suburban foyer
the eyes of a skinny child
commit to memory the floor tile pattern
while bent over with pants dropped down,
having learned to practice
a strange silent stillness under the rubber hose.

she hears the musical pitch of the slicing of air
the slicing of air
the slicing of air

behind them a screen door opens
the voice of the father:
turning up eyes to see
his hand grab the striking wrist

the girl runs upstairs and
in the absence of inquiries
upholds the dutiful silence

the raised highway
licks a bruise on this landscape
like green welts on the back of a thigh


Ilyse Kazar

Ilyse Kazar
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