Contributing Women

By Janice K. Wright (aka JK Wrights 2U), student, Center for Distance Learning

April 4, 2011

(This poem was written in observance of Women’s History Month; March is dedicated to raising awareness about women’s contributions. Check out Wright’s article, March Awareness.)

The thoughts of contributing women, who came before me
Their fruits of labor paid off indeed,
No longer an illusion.
Removed from being told it’s all just a delusion.
Marketable women as resourceful commodities
Valuable in the stock market, strong comraderies.
Radical and progressive to resolve feminist ills is not a form of being devious,
Adhering to our positions and titles making continual strides and achievements,
Stimulating the economy as well as the hearts and minds of junior counterparts to follow.
Young ladies, you too digest and swallow,
Grasp education, freedom and liberty to acquire toward profitable access.
Expressing gratitude to contributing women,
For they paved the way for my success.

Janice K. Wright

Janice K. Wright

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