By April Simmons, student, Metropolitan Center – Brooklyn Unit

April 4, 2011

Listen – When you believe that something is so hard to grasp, try measuring the actual distance between you and that destination. Ask yourself why you believe in limitations and are accepting less than you are capable of. Did you forget that in life anything is always an option?

Imagine – If you don’t feel the dream within you, beginning to live it will seem ten times harder. In fact, you will see that throughout life, starting the job is actually harder than completing the task.
Langston Hughes is right. Yes, “a dream deferred” does “dry up like a raisin in the sun.” Give it the adrenaline it needs to become your reality. Postponing only delays success, so why not get a head start and begin writing out the story to your life? She tells me, “it is sometimes too much to bear like a heavy load waiting to fall through.” I tell her, “Maya Angelou’s life ‘aint been no crystal stair’” and she can say, “I’se still climbin, you can too.”

Think about it – If your eyes can tell a story and your soul speaks your life, don’t you want everyone to know how happy you can be? Stare at yourself and become more familiar with the person you see. Running from who you are shows dissatisfaction in what you have become. Just remember, it is never too late to change. Change in any circumstance is good as long as you are happy with the results.

Picture – You’re jogging, at one mile you stop because you’re gasping for more air to keep going. I promise you the second time around you will land two miles without a doubt. Situations like this define progress and patience within ourselves. You must allow time to monitor the better person you’ve become.

Miracles – They do happen, but it is rare for them to happen overnight. A dream will come to you so much faster if you never let it out your sight. She doesn’t speak because she doesn’t know what others will think. I notice this, so I am sure to ask her the next question. “WHY ARE YOU AFRAID?” Your voice is who you are, one of the most unique abilities that we all have. I am pretty sure you could tell Whitney Houston will always love him by the way she sang that song. Write a poem or just words expressing your emotion during a time of need. Read it again two months later and witness how time really does ease all wounds. Cry if you cannot smile or express your pain in any other way. Crying is never defined as weakness. In fact, it is an “act of lamentation, grief or suffering, usually with tears.” Don’t believe me? Thesaurus gave me the definition.

Be You. Be Free. Live to Love and Love to Live. It is a great investment in survival.


April Simmons

April Simmons

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