Emergency Preparedness – Unsung Heroes

By Janice K. Wright (aka JK Wrights 2U), student, Center for Distance Learning

January 12, 2012

(This poem was written in observance of National Preparedness Month. September is dedicated to raising awareness about being prepared for any type of emergency. Check out Wright’s article, September is National Preparedness Month.)

Emergency Preparedness, embedded in watchmen’s souls
First responders, guiding in their persuasive leadership roles,
Seeking and scouting safety are their primary goals

Fostering needs, to accommodate well-being and other securities
Performing effectively in disasters and emergencies
Encouraging the labor of cohesive and individualistic destinies

Fortifying structures, building to establish
Pursuit of excellence, current trends and best practices
Preparing for the most essential survival tactics

9/11, war attacks, hurricanes, earthquakes, other devastating effects
Remembering these events, I question who could ever forget
Emergency Preparedness, imperative to be ready for such aspects


Janice K. Wright

Janice K. Wright


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