The Student Connection

Nature’s Hand

By Patricia Keane, student, Northeast Center–Saratoga Unit

January 17, 2012

At the beach, I fear the enormous waves that tower high above my head.
I imagine that each powerful wave is a giant hand
Waiting to scoop up my fragile body,
And sweep me away in one swift motion.
Each finger is a swirl of salt water that is racing to engulf me.
As I struggle to be free from the wave’s clutches,
The hand clenches into a tight fist.
I gasp for air
And feel the small molecules of the hand’s perspiration invade my lungs.
The fingernails dig deeply into my skin,
As I am thrashed about the jagged rocks.
When I finally stop struggling, the merciless hand starts to unfold.
As my body slides off the palm of nature’s hand,
I am cast out into the sea...forever.
Patricia Keane
Patricia Keane