A Piano's Love

By Shawnte Barr, student, Center for Distance Learning

January 12, 2012

I wish I had a piano
I’d play it every day
I wish I had taken lessons at an early age

I’d become one with the melody and get lost in a trance
I’d tickle the ivories; you know make my fingers dance
I’d play a song that only the piano could play
It would speak to you what my mouth couldn’t say

I wish I had a piano I’d play a song for my mother
And thank her for giving birth to me and my brothers
I’d say, “Congratulations for obtaining your goal,
You let God lead the way and let Him take control”

I’d tell my grandparents, “Thanks for putting up with a child like me,
I know that task must not have been easy”
The lyrics would smoothly flow
And I’d bring your head to high from low

The melody would soothe the inside of your soul
Everyone would have a young heart, even the old
I’d say to my father, “I learned a lot from you,
Even through prison walls your words penetrated through”
I’d tell my step-father, “Thank you for paying attention;”
You know in case I forget to mention

I’d tell my family that I love them and wish they felt the same
Do ya’ll remember that no-touch-gravel game?
Remember we was fly, rolling our necks and swinging our braids?
Now we’re all players in a masquerade

It’s funny what a piano can do
It can make you fall in love and get you in the mood
There is no mistaking what a piano can say
But all I really want to do is play

Shawnte Barr

Shawnte Barr

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