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And Then She Learned to Love Herself….

By April Simmons, student, Metropolitan Center – Brooklyn Unit

February 28, 2011

I know a story of a life lived without purpose…the story of a woman lacking the passion to “do.” Memories of broken promises and shattered pieces of her heart create a permanent disappointment in her life. Her reflection resembles a mountain that has become worn from years of trampled footsteps and her expression remains as still as the moon on the clearest summer night.

I know a story of an isolated dream…a dream without the motivation and the power to make it real. Behind that dream exists a silent cry that only comes to life in the late hours of the night. Her cries represent sorrows that beat upon her heart and questions with no answers.

I know a story of “joy”...a joy that exists in everything else but is never felt within…a “joy” that has no home because of a woman who is unable to find where she belongs...a “joy” that is only dreamed of and still, those dreams turn into nightmares.

I know a story of a broken soul…the story of sinful thoughts that take away from such angelic expressions. Expressions become “expressionless” as her heart becomes numb and almost immune to the bruises she has endured.

I know a story of “a story” filled with lies, insults and fragmented sentences…sentences that remain incomplete because so many pieces of her life can’t be found.

But above all the stories that one can feel and above all the stories that I know…there exists a story about miracles that have presented themselves so vividly in the reality of her life. There exists a story about a second chance and the beauty of letting go and allowing fulfillment into her world. There exists a story about chasing dreams and setting goals because her dreams won’t die unless she lets them.

There exists a woman who is able to smile at her scars because they represent her strength and remind her of all her capabilities. There exists a cry of joy from being able to accept her wounds and move on from them. There exists a cry from laughter because her happiness never felt so good. There exists a soul that belongs to a woman who now is able to give herself a name because she knows exactly who she is and is able to tell others exactly where she has been.

There exists a love that is greater than the most powerful blow to the heart. This love has conquered obstacles and created happiness just because it is able to be felt. This love is a love that must be learned because it doesn’t come as easy as it sounds. This love is the love she felt when she learned to love herself….

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