Students’ Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities for Students Receiving Financial Assistance

  • Criteria for continued student eligibility of students receiving financial assistance and specifically under the Title IV HEA programs
    1. Continued student eligibility under each program
      For federal student aid, all students must maintain good academic standing as outlined in the Eligibility for Federal Student Aid. For the terms and conditions governing all aid programs, see the financial aid brochures.
  • Standards which the student must maintain in order to be considered to be making satisfactory academic progress
    1. Criteria by which a student who had failed to maintain satisfactory academic progress may reestablish his or her eligibility for financial assistance
  • Method and frequency of financial aid disbursements including the option for an advance of excess funds for books and supplies
  • Terms of loans
    1. Sample Repayment Schedule.xls (file 29kB)
    2. Terms and Conditions of Federal Loans
  • General conditions and terms applicable to federal work study employment
  • Exit counseling for the federal direct loan program is provided online to borrowers.
  • You may obtain a deferment on the repayment principal and/or the interest of a loan for service under the Peace Corps Act, for service under the Domestic Volunteer Service Act and for comparable service as a volunteer for a tax-exempt organization of demonstrated effectiveness in the field of community service. Contact your lender or servicer for specific information on qualifying for one of these deferments:
    1. Service under the Peace Corps Act (22 U.S.C. 2501)
    2. Service under the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973 (42 U.S.C. 4951)
    3. Comparable service as a volunteer for a tax-exempt organization of demonstrated effectiveness in the field of community service
  • Students Protecting Themselves from Financial Aid Scams: This is a reminder that if you receive correspondence from an outside agency asking for significant personal information and a processing fee for financial aid, it is most likely a scam. We highly encourage you not to respond to this type of request, as you could lose the fee and jeopardize your personally identifiable information.