Boyer Legacy Society Members

This list recognizes and acknowledges those individuals who have named Empire State College in their will or as the beneficiary of a trust or other planned gift.

Membership represents an outstanding commitment to the college and helps ensure that Empire State College maintains its leadership in higher education for adult students who seek better jobs and careers, richer intellectual lives, and sophisticated skills that are essential to be knowledgeable citizens of the nation and the world.

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Current Members:


Keith D. Amparado '88

David Asch '83

Sharon E. Baum '07

Pasquale J. Beldotti*

Juanita Belmar '17, '19

Anne R. Bertholf

Susanna Bezold

Deborah Botch '86

Kathryn (Kay) Boyer '78

James Aloysius Gibson* and Patricia Brozinsky

Susan K. Butler '06

Patricia M. Callahan '94*

Bobbi Jo Carter '18

Hortence S.* and Warren R. Cochrane

Willie A. Cornelius '13

Maxwell Cohen '76*

Gordon Darrow '87*

Jeanie H. Davis

Pearl Somner '88* and Basil Merle Debuskey*

Philip J. de Carolis '92, '97*

Dennis R. De Long

Maureen C. Del Giacco ’86, ’95

Yanelys Diaz '16

Tyrone M. Dixon '01

Sandra Bauhan DuBois '78

John L. Dunne*

Joyce Elliott

Joan A. Englehart '84

Carol J. Evans '77

Marnie Evans*

Astrid Ewing

Bailey M. Geeslin & Elaine

Ronald D. Falciano '09

Linza Ford ’91

Mark '78 and Marjorie Fuhrmann

Alison D. Gilbert '92

Sidney Gluck '79

Angelica Godette '13

Doris Goldberg

Emma Gomes '79, '81

James W. Hall '06

Hugh B. Hammett

Merodie A. Hancock, Ph.D.

Jessica A. Harrington '12

Jayne Regan Harris*

Susan T. Hollis

Michael C. Hubbard '75

Joanne R. Hvisdas '92, '93

Robert '96 and Carolyn* Johnson

Stephen C. Kasper*

Judith (Suzy) Kline '86

Susan A. Koch '01

Pamela Kone '90

Michael Robert Lamb

Deborah and Don Lansing

David F. Madden '78*

Keith Martin*

Nancy E. Massicci '09

James A. Matte '76

David '10 and Joy Mazzetti

Margaret McAloon

Terrence McCafferty '80, '03

Shana D. McIntosh '10

Nancy A. McLachlin '81*

Maureen Meloy '92*

Marjorie Meinhardt '77

Stephen Keep Mills '89

Angelina Monell '08

Joe Moore and Beth Chiquoine

Harold P. Morrill '04*

Marion C. Morse '81

Roberta Jean Moyet '08

Mitchell S. Nesler

Michael P. Nugent '13

Deborah L. Oberhofer '05

Barbara A. O'Connell '76

Athina Pantidou '10

William H. Parker '86

Kathleen Pepin '94

Patricia Polak '87

Anthony Riccardi

Deanna L. Riddick '03

John M. Robortella '01

Helese J. Smauldon '18

Anne and John Sonne

Marian N. Steinberg '75

Bernadette T. Stengel '88

Bernard Stern*

Lisa L. Sunday '16

Henry J. Themal '82*

Rachel S. Thibodeaux '96

Rebecca A. Tipa '03, '16

Dorothea Threatt*

Monte I. Trammer

Charles P. Trudel '79, '95

Susan Turben '72, '05

Ann Turner '86

Sharon Villines

Karin C. VonKay '79 and David C. Duggan

Carey A. Wainwright '00

Mabel B. '79 and T. Urling Walker

Susan Marie Weber

Virginia Weiss '88*

Karen West '84, '95

Gareth Williams '07

Eldon R. Williamson

Judith '02, '04 and Jack Willis

Maureen Winney

Rev Gloria Jean Wright '79

John Wright '98

David Yamada

Cynthia Zaentz '89


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