General Education Mobile Registration Steps

Below are the basic steps to completing the GEM registration process:

  • Step 1: Create CCAF Degree as Education Goal
  • Step 2: Apply to SUNY Empire State College
  • Step 3: Register for courses
  • Step 4: Apply for and submit Tuition Assistance authorization

Step 1: Create CCAF Degree as Education Goal

  • After creating CCAF Degree as Education Goal in the Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC), select SUNY Empire State College during Tuition Assistance (TA) process

Step 2: Apply to SUNY Empire State College

  • Nondegree Study: Individual Courses. Only if you are taking the courses with no intention of pursuing a baccalaureate degree at Empire State College, apply for Nondegree Study. You will be set up with a non-matriculated student account to register for courses. It's recommended you complete online Orientation.
  • Matriculated Study:  Apply for admission.  Once matriculated, connect with ESC Academic Mentor for course registration.

Step 3:  Register for courses

  • Select a GEM course from the list of Term Offerings
  • Register for course(s) at MyESC > Registration
  • Please note "Fundamentals of Public Speaking, COMM-X201" is offered as a College Wide On-line Study Group, by the Central New York Center (CNY) in Syracuse. If additional assistance is needed please contact:

Susan Voutsinas , Coordinator of Student Services
Central New York Center
East Syracuse, NY 13057
315 460-3166

Step 4:  Apply for and submit Tuition Assistance authorization

Instructions for TA submission:

  • Make sure course number and/or title on your TA Authorization matches the course name/number on your GEM course completion plan in AFVEC
  • Provide us a copy of your approved TA Authorization before the posted registration deadlines; refer to Term Dates. A copy of your TA Application is not an acceptable form of payment.
  • Forward TA Authorization by fax or mail.  Fax to (518) 581-2782, ATTN: Student Accounts.  Mail authorizations to Empire State College Student Accounts, 111 West Avenue, Saratoga Springs NY, 12866.
  • Once we receive and process your TA, your account balance will adjust accordingly.

Don't forget to order your course materials through Empire State College Bookstore.

Congratulations on completing your steps to register!

If you need assistance, please contact the Office of Veteran and Military Education, One Union Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866, via e-mail at or by telephone at 1-800-867-5941.


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