Degree Planning and Academic Review

Individualized Prior Learning Assessment (iPLA)

Empire State College is committed to the idea that students should be awarded credit for verifiable college-level learning regardless of where or how it was acquired. Many students have gained knowledge from sources that are not validated through either traditional course work or other forms of prior learning assessment (such as standardized examinations or evaluated professional learning). This learning can be evaluated through the individualized Prior Learning Assessment process.
Individualized Prior learning Assessment (iPLA) is the process by which students are able to explain and document their college-level learning and be assessed by an expert evaluator. Each year, more than 4,000 Empire State College students complete the iPLA process.
The Individualized Prior Learning Assessment (iPLA) Guide provides you with in-depth information on how to request credits through an assessment of your prior learning and provides the technical information needed to explain and document your college-level learning for assessment by a qualified evaluator.

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