Undergraduate Degrees

Associate and bachelor's degrees can be customized to focus on an area of study with a concentration to best meet your educational goals.

Areas of Study

The Arts

Business, Management and Economics

Community and Human Services

Cultural Studies

Educational Studies

Historical Studies

Human Development

Interdisciplinary Studies

Labor Studies

Public Affairs

Science, Mathematics and Technology

Social Science


RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing for New York state RN licensed nurses

Union Apprentices

The Center for Labor Studies offers specialized programs leading to college degrees.

Where to Study

The college has 35 locations across New York state or students can study fully online through the Center for Distance Learning.

The Center for International Programs offers English-language, classroom-based education leading to a degree on campuses in Albania, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Greece, Lebanon and Turkey.

Why ESC?

A unique degree program that supports individual needs and goals is developed with a faculty mentor who works with you from first registration through graduation.

Prior learning assessment identifies college-level learning from a variety of sources which may be used in a degree program plan.

A range of ways to study is available. Choose from among guided independent study, online courses, study groups and residency-based studies, or blend a combination of approaches.