College Mission and Vision


SUNY Empire State College provides motivated adult learners with access to innovative, flexible and quality academic programs that empower people and strengthen communities. We build on the diversity of our students, their work and life experiences and their individual personal and professional goals as the cornerstone for each academic program.


SUNY Empire State College will be the leading public college for students across New York State and around the world seeking affordable and flexible, quality degrees. We will be distinguished by our outstanding faculty and staff, our record of student success, our innovative programs and personalized learning opportunities, our rich continuum of student support services, our social and economic impact, and our commitment to a diverse and engaged academic community.

Our Commitments

As a community of learners at a public institution, SUNY Empire is committed to:

  • Critical reflective inquiry that encourages active engagement in the local and global community
  • Promoting social justice and a sustainable world through responsiveness to human and social circumstances
  • Ensuring a healthy democracy that recognizes and respects diversity in all its forms
  • Supporting the individual goals of our students in a collaborative mentoring environment
  • Acknowledging multiple avenues of learning and prior college-level learning through rigorous evaluation
  • Developing, implementing and assessing new approaches to learning that recognize and adapt to the diverse needs of our learners
  • Fostering respectful, creative and vibrant learning environments for students, faculty and staff
  • Supporting the scholarly, creative and professional goals of the college community
  • Serving students and the public with a high level of courtesy and effectiveness, advocating at the regional, state and national levels for the needs of our students and of higher education
  • Expanding access to affordable, high-quality educational opportunities through partnerships with employers, unions, government agencies, the armed forces, community organizations and other educational institutions

Vision 2015 and The Power of SUNY

Strategic Plans 2010, 2015 is SUNY Empire’s strategic plan. This plan centers on three themes:

  • The college as an innovative learning organization
  • Sustaining and managing growth
  • Telling our story

Power of SUNY logo

The plan identifies eight key goals within these themes, as well as strategies to achieve them. SUNY Empire’s themes align with those articulated in the State University of New York’s strategic planning document, The Power of SUNY, which will guide the university system toward realizing six big ideas:

  • SUNY and the Entrepreneurial Century
  • SUNY and the Seamless Education Pipeline
  • SUNY and a Healthier New York
  • SUNY and an Energy Smart New York
  • SUNY and the Vibrant Community
  • SUNY and the World

Work at SUNY Empire intersects with each of these big ideas, but we place particular emphasis on “SUNY and the World” by exploring and offering affordable, innovative, flexible college learning opportunities onsite and online.

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