Using Vendors

Although rare, sometimes it is appropriate to use an outside vendor for a specialized web resource that the college cannot or will not support internally.

Guidelines for Using Vendors

  • Use of an outside vendor must be authorized in advance by OCM, ITS and the vice president that oversees the department making the request.
  • A steward and administrator(s) must be identified. The steward must be an Empire State College employee. When appropriate, the vendor may serve as the administrator.
  • The steward is responsible for consulting with OCM, ITS and other appropriate stakeholders to plan how the resource being developed will fit within the college Web presence.
  • If an exception to the college's standards and practices is needed, the steward must get approval from OCM in advance.
  • Identifying appropriate vendors for the needed resource is the responsibility of the requesting department.
  • The department that intends to use the vendor should not sign any quote that appears to commit the college to spending funds. Purchase orders for vendor services can be signed only by authorized persons in the college purchasing office.
  • Contracts can be signed only by the Chief Financial Officer (or designee).
  • Vendors must follow the standards and practices documented in this website.

IT Service Desk

888-Help-009 (888-435-7009)

IT Service Desk Quick Start Guide (PDF 766kB)

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