Exercise 2b: Agreement with Trick Singulars - Advanced

Correct the verb(s) or pronoun(s) that needs to agree with the trick singular in each sentence.

Click each phrase to reveal the answer. 

Question 1

Each eight-year-old brought his or her best junk to the school-sponsored swap meet in the gym on Saturday morning. The sight was truly incredible, with battered toys, used skates, and even rusty barrels vying for everyone's attention.

Question 2

The swap meet was organized by someone who wanted his or her name to remain anonymous, since it was such a different (and perhaps bizarre) idea to charge a dollar admission to look at and barter for other people's junk. That same someone always helps the third grade think of a creative way to collect money toward the class trip every year.

Question 3

Not one of the children was planning on going home empty-handed.

Question 4

Jacob and James will bring dirty, old stuffed animals that they had once buried in their back yard; neither wants to play with "kids' toys" any longer.

Question 5

Every parent who attended the meet was glad when the event ended, although nobody wanted to make their feelings known. Instead, they all secretly plotted a way to divest their children of their new-found treasures.

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