Graduate Time Limit for Degree Completion Policy

Graduate Time Limit for Degree Completion Policy


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This makes official our practice of many years.


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To specify the time period for the completion of a graduate degree (master/certificate) and how to request an extension.



The graduate program (masters and/or certificate) must be completed within six years of initial enrollment.  If a student exceeds the six-year time limit, s/he may be permitted to continue if:

  • the head of the student’s program approves continuation, but courses which are older than six years will not be counted toward the degree; or
  • a waiver of the six-year rule is granted by the dean of the School for Graduate Studies. The student needs to make this request in writing and in consultation with his/her academic advisor and program chair/coordinator. The dean will consider the request based upon factors such as special hardship, excellence of work and closeness to completion. The request for a waiver may be sent to the dean at Graduate_Dean’

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