Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Welcome to SUNY Empire State College's policies, procedures and guidelines website. Here you will find standardized college policies that have been through the official approval process. These policies and procedures align with the mission of the college, and have been developed with appropriate consultation across the college. They are intended to mitigate institutional risk, enhance effectiveness, and support the college's compliance with federal, state, SUNY, and local laws and regulations.

As an institution of higher education that receives funding under Title IV; a state entity; and an institution of SUNY; Empire State College adheres to all federal, state and SUNY regulations. Where the college does not have a policy specific to a situation, additional references are listed that direct users to resources for regulations outside of the colleges webpage. Additionally, individual policies reference state and SUNY regulations for information and guidance beyond that provided in the policy.

Policies are listed by category below, as well as through an A-Z Index and a policy search.

Program guidelines are now located in the college catalog.

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