Policy for the Establishment, Approval and Review of Policies

Policy for the Establishment, Approval and Review of Policies


Office of the President


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Updated on 7/07/17, 8/15/12.


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Background Information:


This policy outlines the college’s processes for developing and revising policies.


A policy is a statement that governs the operation and conduct of the college’s work. College policies align with the mission and goals of the college.

Subsuming: Incorporating one policy into another policy.


All new and substantially revised college policies will be reviewed and approved by the appropriate entity, submitted in a standard format and posted internally for comment for a 30-day period (or longer when applicable to accommodate faculty no-appointment and reading periods) before final approval by the president. They are then made publicly accessible via the college’s website.

College policies establish principles and standards that align with the mission of the college. These policies will supersede any other center or departmental policy.

The president may establish or revise administrative policies to establish or maintain compliance with federal, state or local laws, SUNY policies or collective agreements and related employee handbooks.

Applicable Legislation and Regulations

The college is governed by the State University of New York's Board of Trustees, and College policy is developed in conformance with the College’s Bylaws, Policies of the Board of Trustees (pdf), the New York State Code, Rules, and Regulations, and all applicable federal policies.

Related References, Policies, Procedures, Forms and Appendices


Policy actions that fall within the charge of a governance committee may be presented for approval to the college Senate. Actions of the Senate are referred to the president for final decision. Policies developed through the governance structure and subsequently approved by the president will be posted and distributed to the college community.

Administrative policies are developed by the vice presidents or their designees and reviewed by the President’s Cabinet prior to the 30 day comment period and approval by the President.  Administrative groups and others are consulted as appropriate.

Policies that are retired or rescinded will be reviewed by the President's Cabinet and approved by the president.

The college policy  template and further guidelines for policy development and review may be updated from time to time and are appended to this policy statement.

Policy Template:  ESC Policy Template (file 284kB)

Procedure Template: ESC Procedures Template (file 360kB)

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