Retention and Disposal of Portfolio Contents Procedure

Retention and Disposal of Portfolio Contents Procedure


Office of Academic Affairs


College Registrar





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December 1981 (original implementation)


Portfolio, student academic record folder

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This is a statement of procedure for the retention and disposal of the student portfolio materials that are part of the student academic record folder. 


Definitions are embedded within the procedure statement.


When the Center submits a portfolio (degree program, student essay and documentation for advanced standing) to Office of College-wide Academic Review the maintenance of that complete portfolio becomes the responsibility of OCAR. OCAR maintains the portfolios intact until clearance or, if clearance is not reached, until the portfolio is returned to the Center for some reason (student withdraws from the College, question not resolved, etc.).

As part of OCAR review, portfolio contents will be separated into two categories: primary documentation for advanced standing (degree program, degree program rationale, official transcripts, evaluations of prior learning, CLEP score reports, copies of licenses, etc.) and secondary support materials (letters of verification, materials related to OCAR processing and OCAR-Center interaction, etc.). The primary documentation will eventually become part of the Student Academic Record Folder (SARF).

Immediately after clearance of a portfolio, OCAR transfers the portfolio to the Records Office. The Records Office maintains the full portfolio in its active file until (a) the student graduates or (b) the student is inactive/withdrawn from the College for a period exceeding eighteen months. Then, the portfolio contents are processed as follows:

  1. Student Graduates: After graduation the elements of primary documentation are transferred to the Student Academic Record Folder (SARF). SARF is kept for six years per SUNY regulations. The remaining items, i.e., secondary support materials, are destroyed unless there are contrary instructions approved by the Director of Records. In the event the Director approves such special handling, the secondary support materials are destroyed after the completion of the research or other activity for which they have been used.
  2. Student is inactive/withdrawn prior to graduation for a period of eighteen months: same as 1. above.

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