Ergonomics Program Guidelines

Ergonomics Program Guidelines


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Ergonomics, Reasonable Accommodations

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Ergonomics is the study of the relationship between people and their work environment. The goal of an ergonomics program is to adapt an employee’s work environment in order to ensure comfort and safety.


Empire State College is committed to health and safety in the workplace. The goal of the ergonomic program is to assist in eliminating or reducing employee injuries associated with repetitive motion and manual material handling work tasks, and to provide safe working conditions for our employees.

As part of the college’s commitment to promoting health and safety for all employees, training and tips for “good workstation posture” will be provided at various college venues. Training programs include information and access to technical resources and includes the incorporation of economically sound ergonomic principles in the design of processes and office equipment usage. In addition, individual ergonomic evaluations are available from Information Technology Services or the Affirmative Action Office.

Changes made to workstations based on the ergonomic recommendation should be considered at the departmental level, and minor costs will come  from departmental budgets. If further resources are needed for major ergonomic changes/equipment, the request should be made through the Affirmative Action Office for funding consideration. It is very possible that large ticket items may require a doctor’s recommendation or physician order before consideration is made.

The process for filing a formal ergonomic request begins with calling or emailing the Affirmative Action Officer. Given the employees’ concern, they may be required to complete a reasonable accommodation employee request form. This request should include a clear statement of what is being requested and for what medical purpose. Note: ADA reasonable accommodation requests are strictly confidential and maintained in the Affirmative Action Office.

Furniture and high-cost merchandise purchased as the result of an ergonomic evaluation should be returned to the affirmative action officer when the employee is no longer using the item(s).

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