College Fonts

Empire State College has a specific set of accepted fonts for use in all of the college's brochures, advertising, PowerPoint presentations and college communications. The Sabon serif typefaces and the Humanist sans-serif typefaces were chosen as part of the college brand.

Typography was selected to complement the SUNY Empire State College logo.

Open type fonts can be used cross-platform (Mac and PC).

Serif fonts | Adobe Caslon

(A serif is a small stroke projecting from the main stroke of a character.) Highly readable, serif fonts are suitable for a number of different applications from invitations to books, especially those with running text or those that need a formal style.

Caslon, SUNY Empire State College’s primary typeface, is a classic serif font with a large font family available in a wide range of weights. Interestingly, Caslon is cited as the first original typeface of English origin, dating back to 1722.

Sans-serif fonts (without a serif) | Open Sans

Highly readable in small text sizes, sans serif fonts are useful where the content is not predominantly running text, such as on displays and posters.

Open Sans, SUNY Empire State College’s secondary typeface, is a sans serif font with organic and clean lines, easily legible. Its large font family is available in a wide range of weights. Open Sans was commissioned by Google and is "optimized for legibility across print, web, and mobile interfaces."

For those computers that do not carry these typefaces, the New Times Roman (PC) or Times Roman (Mac) are used in place of Caslon and other serif typefaces.

Arial (PC) or Helvetica (Mac) are used for the sans-serif Open Sans typefaces.

To ensure college brand consistency, use only these typefaces when preparing materials and presentations.

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to read PDF documents. If it is not installed on your computer, download it for free from Adobe.

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