Welcome Faculty and Evaluators

Thank you for taking the time to work with our students to have their learning evaluated for college/university-level credits. Everyone learns from a variety of experiences inside and outside higher education and our belief is that verifiable college/university-level learning should be recognized and credentialed.

Student Learning

Students may have prior knowledge or gain emergent knowledge from engagement in:

  • formal educational settings
  • non-formal workplace or online open learning opportunities
  • informal self-directed learning through daily life experiences and interactions.

Traditional education tends to segment this learning and often treats learning as distinct instances. In actuality, the learning converges, bringing together prior and emergent learning

The ways in which students make sense of and interconnect all of their learning and apply this convergent learning to new experiences is an important feature of college/university-level learning. The goal for higher education is to help students make the best use of their convergent learning to grow and engage in lifelong and lifewide events effectively.

The Global Learning Qualifications Framework (GLQF)

In prior learning assessment, the objective is to evaluate the development, integration and application of convergent learning. That is what the Global Learning Qualifications Framework (GLQF) is all about — how a student can reflect upon, self-assess and demonstrate convergent learning and how institutions can recognize, validate and credential that learning.

Through a Lumina Foundation grant, an academic faculty team and an expert team spent more than a year researching, analyzing and theming the data from more than 90 countries as well as other sources.

The resulting meta-analysis provides a framework that can be used to evaluate learning, regardless of when, how or from where the learning was acquired.

Further information about the Global Learning Qualifications Framework is located at: