Residency Information

Who needs to attend a residency?

There are only a few master's programs that require residency attendance. These programs are the MBA in Management* (48 credit, residency program) and the M.A. in Work and Labor Policy, Liberal Studies and Social and Public Policy. Each of these programs has residency-based courses. If you are enrolled in a residency-based course, you need to attend the residency. (Please refer to: Residency-based Courses by Program.)

What is a residency?

A residency is a three-day academic event (usually Thursday-Saturday) where you meet together with fellow students and your course instructor(s). The actual dates and times of your residency sessions will vary by program. Information and schedules are posted each term.

The residency enables your course instructor to establish a framework and common understanding about the topics being studied and the ways you can individually, and jointly, pursue that topic. Residency activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • guest speakers and panel discussions
  • watching and discussing films
  • opportunity to meet face to face with instructors and academic advisors
  • networking opportunities
  • analyzing case studies and/or common readings
  • working in small groups
  • attending workshops on specific skills.

Where are the residencies held?

The residencies are held in Albany or Saratoga. Please review the link on this page with residency dates and locations.

How do I dress for the residency?

Please dress business casual. Your sessions will take place in meeting rooms, so you may want to dress in layers since the temperature settings in these rooms can be difficult to control.

Is a laptop/tablet required?

Please ask your course instructor(s). Many students do take notes on their laptop or tablet.

What about travel and lodging?

You will be responsible for your own travel and lodging arrangements. For each residency, this webpage will provide information about lodging options.

How do I sign-up and pay for the residency?

There is a $350 fee for each residency, payable when you register for your residency-based course(s). This fee is per residency, not per course, so if you enroll in two residency-based courses per term, you are only charged this fee once. As noted above, this fee does not include transportation or lodging. It does, however, cover all meals provided at the residency.

Your enrollment in a residency-based course automatically signs you up for the residency.

*Note: There will be no residency for Managerial Reasoning and new students in the MBA in Management program. These students should discuss their options to transfer into the MBA in Business Management (36 credits, online) with their advisor. Please see the website for more information: Master of Business Administration in Business Management


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