October 18, 2017

College Wireless Network Upgrade

Information Technology Services is upgrading the college wireless network, and we are currently in the process of deploying new wireless access points (WAP) at all college locations.  In addition to improved data rates and wider coverage, these WAP’s will simplify the implementation of wireless authentication and privacy.  To this end, we are replacing the unsecured “ESCGuestWireless“ network with two new secure network’s: “ESCWiFi” and “ESCGuestWiFi”. 

The “ESCWiFi” network will be for faculty, staff and students only and will require authentication with a college username and password (for students this will be their college email address and password).  Detailed instructions can be found in the knowledge base article,  Connect to ESCWiFi.  Depending on the user’s wireless device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.), faculty and staff on the “ESCWiFi” network will have access to the same college applications and services available on their wired desktops. 

The “ESCGuestWiFi” network will be for visitors and will require a password that will be changed quarterly.  The current password will be posted the knowledge base article,   ESCGuestWifi Current Password.   Once a password is entered on a user’s device, it will stay in that device until a password change is issued and a new one is required.

These changes will take effect as the new WAP’s are installed at each location.  An email will be sent to all faculty and staff at each location just before implementation, informing them of the new networks’ availability and their user-id and password requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Service Desk at 888-Help-009 (888-435-7009), or submit an incident ticket at http://www.esc.edu/service-desk.

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