June 7, 2020

New Student Technology Roadmap

The Student’s Introduction to Email, Microsoft Office and Other Tech Offerings

SUNY Empire State College provides students with a comprehensive suite of applications to help engage with their coursework.

Our goal is to make sure that students have access to the apps & services they need, when they need them.

Some of the technology available to all students includes: Office 365 (including Outlook Email, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Skype, Teams and more), Moodle, a robust online library containing access to numerous academic databases such as JSTOR and EBSCO, a streamlined bookstore that will make obtaining your books and materials online a breeze, and more!

On the day a student is accepted to the college, they receive their student login. This login (example: firstname_lastname123@esc.edu) grants preliminary access to Empire State College's online platform, in addition to critical academic services like orientation, course registration, degree planning, advising/mentoring, and financial aid.

Your ESC login provides all the access needed to sign up, get online, and start learning.

  • Note: This preliminary access to the student account does not include the student inbox or Microsoft Office. All messages sent to the student's ESC email account (firstname_lastname123@esc.edu) will be automatically forwarded to the student’s personal email on file with the college.

When the term begins, the student's account will be “licensed”. This will grant access to Office 365 along with the email inbox. 

Now licensed to download software, the student can navigate to portal.office.com to begin the process of installing Office 365.

After logging in with the Student account at the Microsoft website, the option to “Install Office” should be visible on the page. Simply download and run the installer to begin using Office.

The student may also use the web-based versions of these applications, which will allow them to save files to the cloud and access them anywhere, on any device, simply by logging into the Office website.

To do this, simply login at the Microsoft website and click on the icon for the application you wish to use.

More information on getting started with Student Email and Microsoft Office.

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IT Service Desk

888-Help-009 (888-435-7009)

IT Service Desk Quick Start Guide (PDF 766kB)

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to read PDF documents. If it is not installed on your computer, download it for free from Adobe.