Typography for Webpages

Heading Styles

Heading levels are used to show the webpage structure. Search engines and screen readers use headings to index the structure and content of webpages.

Headings should only be used for headings and not for emphasis.

  • The page's title is always a first-level heading <h1> and is the only h1 heading on the page.
  • Main sections in the page are second-level headings <h2> or "Heading 2"
  • Subsections of main sections are third-level headings <h3> or "Heading 3"
  • and so on ...

Per the college design standards, headings at all levels should use the title case.

Exception: Headings that are complete sentences should use the sentence case and proper punctuation.

Correct Examples

Associate and Bachelor's Programs

What degrees are available at Empire State College?


The college website uses the Open Sans font. Do not attempt to override this with a unique font for the webpage you are working on.

Underlining should be avoided since readers assume underlined text is a link.

IT Service Desk

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