January 14, 2020

SUNY Empire State College's Journal 'Explorations in Adult Higher Education' Examines Access, Identity, and Power in Higher Ed

Sixth Issue is Available Now

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(SARATOGA SPRINGS, New York – Jan. 15, 2020) SUNY Empire State College has released the sixth issue of “Explorations in Adult Higher Education,” which examines the challenges adult learners face in accessing higher education, as well as how society values informal learning.

“Exploration in Adult Higher Education” is a journal published by SUNY Empire that brings together the ideas, voices, and multiple perspectives of those engaged in thinking about adult higher education today. The goal is to critically examine theories and practices, to provoke dialogue, and to imagine new possibilities of teaching and learning.

The volume features new critical writing by faculty and staff from SUNY Empire who specialize in adult higher education. 

"SUNY Empire is excited to showcase thought-provoking pieces from our faculty exploring the identity of what higher education represents and the power it can have on future generations,” said Jim Malatras, president of SUNY Empire. “We are proud to showcase these transformative pieces to provoke dialogue and imagine new opportunities for teaching and learning. I want to extend my sincerest thanks to the efforts of all who shared their work, especially Alan Mandell and Shantih Clemans for spearheading this effort.”  

“Higher education is a whirl,” writes SUNY Empire’s Shantih E. Clemans and Alan Mandell, in the volume’s opening. “It is difficult to understand what is going on except to acknowledge the tensions and conflicts – the precariousness of the world of higher learning today. Yes, a handful of institutions are thriving, but many are folding, others are looking for partners, and still others are desperately trying out new forms of teaching and learning that are marketable, streamlined, and seek legitimacy by being wrapped up in the call for access. In effect, colleges and universities are all trying to keep up, to make their mark, to reinvent or reimagine themselves in new ways in order to preserve their relevance and, so they hope, propel us into the future.”

Currently SUNY Empire educates 18,000 students. Of those 18,000, 67 percent are between the ages of 25-49 and 15 percent are aged 50 and older.  

View the full publication or read past paper series.

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